Use Special Greyhound Fares and Discounts to Save Money on your Vancouver Trip

There are some excellent Greyhound fares and special discounts available, and ways to save money on your trip to Vancouver! Find out more below...

Greyhound Bus in Vancouver Greyhound Bus in downtown Vancouver

Greyhound Fare Specials for Advance Bookings

The Greyhound bus service offers several options to book your trip in advance, to take advantage of the generous discounts offered for going Greyhound.

Here'a quick summary of the most popular fare specials usually offered by Greyhound Canada:

  • Advanced Purchase
    Book your Greyhound trip at least 14 to 21 days ahead of departure, to get the best discounts.
  • eSavers
    Make your travel reservations online, to take advantage of Greyhound's internet-only fares. Just ensure you allow enough time for your tickets to be mailed to you.
  • Companion Fare
    Arrange to travel with a companion, and buy one regular fare adult or senior ticket and get the second ticket at a substantial discount.
  • Go Anywhere Fares
    Combine your trip to Vancouver with other destinations, if you can! 7 or 14 day advance ticket purchase is required. Tickets are usually valid for one year.

Other Greyhound Discounts

Greyhound also offers:

  • Child discounts and family fares
  • Military discounts
  • Discounts for Seniors
  • Compassion discounts
  • Discounts for Students
  • Hostelling International discounts

More Money-saving Greyhound Travel Tips

  • Book Return Trips
    Tickets for a round-trip journey usually costs less than two separate one-way tickets.
  • Travel on Weekdays
    Compare fares for travelling on Monday to Thursday, instead of weekends.
  • Travel During Off-Peak Periods
    Plan your trip to avoid peak (holiday) travel times, and take advantage of off-peak travel discounts.

Before making your final bookings, compare the offers with the other Greyhound fare specials available, to ensure you get the best travel deals for your trip to Vancouver. Check the Greyhound Canada website for more specific details about these offers and updates.